As a 国家癌症研究所-designated 综合癌症中心, bat365线上平台在癌症治疗和研究方面处于领先地位. 在美国,只有52个癌症项目.S. have received this recognition, and we're the only one located in Virginia. 作为这个著名的癌症治疗领袖团体的一员, bat365线上平台在癌症研究方面处于领先地位, 预防, 检测, 和治疗. 发现bat365线上平台的 癌症研究项目. 看看什么是 综合癌症中心 对你意味着.

At UVA 癌症中心, you'll find the latest in research-based 治疗方案. 确保每个人都能获得这些服务, we have state-of-the-art clinics throughout Virginia and telemedicine programs that reach rural communities.

U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道 has ranked our cancer services in the top 10% of the country. Our lung cancer surgery and colon cancer surgery procedures are also ranked as “high performing.“bat365线上平台也是弗吉尼亚州唯一的癌症中心 listed in Becker’s 100 hospitals and health systems with great oncology programs. 


社区 collaborations address health disparities and barriers to care through patient advisory groups and public programs. Our population health projects target high rates of lung, cervical, and colon cancer in Appalachia.


的 弗吉尼亚大学医学院 offers fellowships in blood cancers, immunology, and more. Graduates leave UVA with a respect for both fundamental and clinical research. 的y know how lab work translates into patient care and 预防.