Adult Learning Center

The Adult Learning Center provides quality instruction in reading, writing, math, and the English language to help adults transition into college and/or prepare for the GED tests. Services are available in Grangeville, Lewiston, Moscow, and Orofino.

What is Adult Basic Education?

ABE is a basic skills program for adults 16 years of age and older who are not currently enrolled in high school. We also serve adults who have graduated from high school and want to improve their reading, writing, or math skills so they can transition into college or the workforce. All new students attend an orientation session that covers program expectations and provides assessments.

Each student's course of study is framed by an educational plan based on the unique needs of the student. ABE offers structured classes at various levels of reading, writing, and math. Our students have the option of online instruction as well.

ABE can help you:

  • Improve math, reading, and writing skills.
  • Prepare for college.
  • Prepare for and pass the GED.
  • Become digitally literate.
  • Learn to speak English (for non-native learners).
  • Prepare for U.S. Citizenship